LuDong Elementary School was conceived first in 1995 by the principal Mr. Li Ching  Chai of Loujin Elementary school. It took three years to build the school. It was completed in July, 1998 and student enrolment was commenced in August. 

The Changhua County government appointed Mr. Gin Le Liang as the first Principal of LuDong Elementary School. In the beginning the school only had grades one to five, totaled 21 classes. Students came mainly from the Loujin, Wen Kai and LuKang Elementary schools. After the establishment of a new school boundary line, LuDong was extended to include all of Din Tuo and part of the communities of PuLoon, YungAn and Donshi.

 This is the 8th year of Ludong Elementary School. It has expanded to a total of 60 classes from grade one to grade six, including one remedial class and one kindergarten class.


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