Educational purpose and goals

The school's education purpose is to educate and nourish all LuDong students to become a positive, confident and alert learner; a progressive, strategic learner.

Education Purpose:

Cultivate good citizenship by focusing on the education and development of the ‘₯whole person‘¦in five areas:  integrity in character, reflective in mind, healthy in body, co-operative in community and beauty in diversity.

Focus on the development of education by increasing school buildings to meet the practical needs of the school; that is to increase classroom space and improve school environment.

Enhance school facilities, equipments and resources; thereby improving teaching methods and qualities.

Promote small class teaching; meeting individual student differences and specific needs, thereby awaken individual potentials and initiatives.

Establish counseling plan to bring about the integration of psychology and education, thereby promoting the efficiency of counseling in education.

Pursue educational excellence and create progressive school culture

Expand educational resources and pragmatic learning experiences by networking with school communities.

Establish school curriculum and develop course outline and goals according to the national government education plan for elementary schools..

Enhance multimedia teaching resources, develop portfolio assessment and establish the basic skills and abilities of students to excel in their learning.


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